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Even though we’ve officially made the switch to ICD-10, the work is far from over. We know these next few months may be challenging, and we are here to help.  Learn More:

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Smart healthcare organizations know that optimizing billing and payment processes can be vital to a healthy bottom line. That’s why they rely on TriZetto Provider Solutions. With our revenue management solutions, you’ll not only get paid quickly and accurately, but you’ll also be able to see trends and identify ways to maximize reimbursement.

We are so pleased to have found TriZetto Provider Solutions and would highly recommend them. All of their service representatives are helpful and professional.
Jody Talbott, Ph.D. — Naples, Florida

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How you manage patient debt directly impacts the financial health of your practice. A strong patient estimation process will minimize lost revenue, while a weak strategy will leave your practice inefficient. In this free recorded session, TriZetto Provider Solutions Sales Engineer, Pete Bekas, will help you develop strategies to manage patient debt in the face of an ever-changing healthcare environment. 

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As a medical community, we prepared for the worst case scenarios for ICD-10 adoption. While it doesn’t appear to have ended healthcare as we know it, there were glitches in the implementation. New coding questions have come up, some of which mean conflicting definitions between CPT/HCPCS and ICD-10. This free webinar, hosted by TriZetto Provider Solutions and Jennifer Searfoss, will answer questions about ICD-10 implementation so far. Join us Nov. 19 to learn how to respond to claim rejections and denials due to ICD-10 codes.

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​Medical practices hailed the CMS/AMA news that CMS would not deny services solely because they were submitted with unspecified ICD-10 codes. But, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any medical necessity denials. Medical practices need to monitor denials in the fourth quarter of 2015 and quickly adopt diagnosis codes that support medical necessity. This free webinar, hosted by TriZetto Provider Solutions® and Betsy Nicoletti, will discuss CMS policy and recommend methods for monitoring and decreasing ICD-10 related denials. 

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