TriZetto® Touchless Authorization Processing (TTAP)

Spend Minutes Processing Authorizations, Not Days or Weeks.

Streamline the prior authorization process to automate eligibility checks, identify if authorization or referrals are needed and receive an almost immediate response.

TriZetto Touchless Authorization Processing offers you:

  • End-to-end, real-time, touchless, prior authorization
  • Payer and provider system-agnostic integration
  • Ability to automate any clinical and business rules
  • Payer and provider user configuration options; self-edit and deploy guidelines directly through portal access

With TriZetto Touchless Authorization Processing (TTAP), you’ll be able to:

  • Mitigate costs. Workload, effort and time spent working prior authorizations and communicating with payers represent significant cost savings.
  • Capture revenue. Ensure referral requests that meet specific payer guidelines and clinical rules are automatically approved, while those flagged can be resolved manually or at the outset.
  • Enable resources. With a proven solution in place, providers can tackle other medical processes to multiply time and cost savings and more efficiently deliver care to patients.

By providing a real-time, cloud-based solution, Cognizant can help you automate and manage the prior authorization process. There’s no reason hours, days or weeks should be the measure of effectiveness when authorization time can be reduced to minutes.


How a Real-Time, Automated Decision-Support Tool Can Cure the Prior Authorization Time Drain

Learn how an automated, real-time prior authorization solution can simplify and expedite referral authorization transactions leading to effective outcomes for health insurance companies and providers. This whitepaper will describe how to more easily achieve cost savings, streamline rules and create a more effective prior authorization strategy.

TTAP whitepaper

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