Denial Management

Recover more revenue and efficiently handle the appeals process.

According to MGMA (Medical Group Management Association), up to 65 percent of denials are never reworked because staff lacks the time and sometimes the knowledge to rework the claim.1 That means providers are leaving hard-earned, valuable money on the table.

Our denials management solutions enable you to understand the reasons for rejections and denials.

Our denials management solutions enable you to understand the reasons for rejections and denials. Through comprehensive reports and analytics, you can identify trends and take appropriate action to help prevent future issues. We also help automate the appeals process, identifying errors and creating appeal letters so you don’t have to perform these tasks manually.

1 Tina Graham. “You might be losing thousands of dollars per month in ‘unclean’ claims.” MGMA Connection magazine, February 2014.

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TriZetto is very good to work with. I am able to get a hold of them right away and I am on a first name basis with many of them. They help me with electronic remittance set-up and notify me of errors right away so I can correct my mistakes. TriZetto goes above and beyond to help me in a timely fashion, and if the person I am working with cannot answer my questions they know someone who can.
Nikki Harmon — Stat Billing, LLC, Castroville, TX

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Our solutions are integrated with more than 3,400 payers so you can easily incorporate our solutions into your business. If you don’t see a payer on our list, contact us and we can likely add them.

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Our ultimate goal is to help you boost revenue. We achieve our goal by helping you work as efficiently as possible, eliminating paperwork and automating your most time-consuming and error-prone tasks.

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Patient Financial Accountability on the Rise: Embracing Price Transparency

“How much will this cost me?” This common request, heard countless times a day at the auto mechanic shop, with a home service technician or an equipment repair specialist, is headed for primetime in the health care industry. And, it’s no surprise. With high deductible health plans shifting the financial burden of health care squarely onto the shoulders of patients, there’s no wonder that patients are demanding price transparency. While ignoring the question is certainly an option, it’s costing your practice money. Listen to this recorded webinar to learn more.

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