77% of Customers Recommend TPS Revenue Cycle Management

In our annual customer survey, we ask a lot of questions to find out what we’re doing right (and where we could improve) at TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS). The answers—and I read every one of them—provide valuable feedback to help us improve our revenue cycle management solutions and how we deliver them.

We asked customers if they’d recommend a competitor—rather than TPS—to a colleague looking for revenue cycle management services: 77 percent said they would recommend TPS.

It’s terrific to be a valued partner, but would our customers sign-up again if they had to renew tomorrow? The answer was a resounding “yes.” Seventy-nine percent of TPS customers said would renew their contract, rather than switching to a competing service.

Next year, we hope to bump these numbers up a few more points.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.

We’ve made big strides in the following areas, but we still have some work to do. We’re doing more to improve:
  • customer service response time;
  • onboarding experience; and
  • communication about products.
Many companies and organizations query their customers to find out how they’re doing. I like to think we’re different as our survey is part of an overall transparency vision I wrote about earlier on LinkedIn.

Customer Service by the Numbers

We learned 42 percent of our customers believe we’re “better” than our competitors. Better can mean a lot of things, so here’s a short list of what our customers said:
  • “Package includes unlimited remits. Your customer service is superior. You offer more services.”
  • “Easy to use.”
  • “Offers better reporting tools.”
  • “More flexible in meeting our needs.”
  • “More cost-effective, more streamlined view of claims & remittance processing.”
Customers also had great things to say about TPS, our people and our solutions. We asked them to describe, in one word, the solutions and people they work with each day.
They said:
  • The solutions are “easy” to use.
  • The services are “great.”
  • Our people are “friendly.”
Some of the most gratifying results were the number of customers who said TPS makes it “easy” for them to do business. That’s what it’s all about: We work in the background to make the revenue cycle a stress-free process for providers.

Moreover, I’m resolved to make good on the suggestions from our customers. The comments are important and inspiring to me and all TPS associates. It means a lot to all of us that our clients are willing to tell us we can do “more than” we already do.
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