Trump Administration Proposal Puts Medical Records into Hands of Healthcare Consumers

Anyone frustrated by the lack of continuity of care when visiting a new healthcare provider will be happy to hear that a Trump Administration plan could make that feeling a thing of the past by placing control of health records in their hands. The MyHealthEData program promises to put control of patient health records into the hands of every healthcare consumer, which potentially eliminates the current fragmented health record system that stores information in multiple formats in different hospitals, health clinics and doctor offices.

“The Trump Administration is launching the MyHealthEData initiative which aims to empower patients by ensuring that they control their healthcare data and can decide how their data is going to be used, all while keeping that information safe and secure,” according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The White House Office of American Innovation leads the initiative with participation from CMS, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

At a March 2018 speech in Washington, D.C., HHS Secretary Alex M. Azar II explained the program saying, in part, it gives “consumers greater control over health information through interoperable and accessible health information technology….”

Simply put, CMS says MyHealthEData is designed to: “…empower patients around a common aim - giving every American control of their medical data.”

Medicare Beneficiaries Use Blue Button 2.0 to Control, Share Health Data

In addition to the call for all insurers to provide easily portable health records to all healthcare consumers, CMS announced a new version of the Blue Button—the web portal that enables 53 million Medicare beneficiaries to download their medical record—to help these beneficiaries use their data in, for example, apps that help manage health. CMS has built a hack that allows software developers, only with user permission, to connect the data to third-party healthcare apps that could help these older adults monitor or improve their health. (An earlier version of the Blue Button allowed beneficiaries to download a PDF.)

Besides government-sponsored Medicare insurance, the White House is calling on private health plans that provide coverage through Medicare Advantage plans to offer these patients the same access to their data.

What Does This Have to do with RCM? A Lot

You may wonder what portable electronic medical records have to do with revenue cycle management, but, in fact, there’s quite a bit of relevance, especially for claims management.

Patients new to a medical practice often have only a fragmented picture of their most recent healthcare encounter. Few know exactly what treatments they may have had or when they last received certain inoculations. Access to the patient’s full and accurate medical record prior to treatment and before claim submission can offer providers a better understanding of whether a service or procedure recently performed by another provider may be denied by a health insurer.

This prior access to the electronic medical record may eliminate staff time otherwise spent on submitting an unnecessary claim or fighting with a payer over a denied claim that shouldn’t have been submitted in the first place.
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