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Avoiding Denials and
Reclaiming Lost Revenue
Simple mistakes can increase denied claims, costing your practice time and money.
TPS helps discover opportunities to recover revenue, then automates the appeals process to easily reclaim what you’re owed. Get the latest denials management tips and learn about the challenges providers can expect in the future.

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RCM Strategies That Cover All the Bases

Score big with winning revenue cycle management from TPS! Read on to learn how our team can help turn your provider office into an all-star practice.



How Can Electronic Authorizations Help Your Practice?


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Are manual tasks taking away valuable time that could be spent with patients? Discover how the new Electronic Authorizations tool automates the prior authorizations process to increase efficiency, saving your practice up to 20 hours per week by electronically sending a 278 transaction to payers.

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F R E E  W E B I N A R
Care Management in Primary Care Practices
Betsy Nicoletti
August 7, 2018
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