Heart for Service:
The Newest Initiative from TPS

We believe that our services are the heartbeat of our clients’ practices. Our new initiative, Heart for Service, will help our clients’ businesses thrive through dedicated customer service and will help our associates cultivate the best relationships possible. Leading with a heart for service – it’s a part of everything we do.

30 in 30: Your Guide to Embracing
- and Getting Paid -
for Telemedicine during the Pandemic
Improving the Patient Experience in Patient-Centered Healthcare
Elizabeth Woodcock Ron Howrigon
April 1, 2020 April 22, 2020
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What’s happening at TPS? We’re enhancing our services and creating new solutions.
Read the highlights below to learn how our upcoming innovations can benefit your practice.
Enhanced credentialing services are now powered by the NEW Pulse portal
Coming Soon: A new and improved Advanced Reimbursement Manager
PRE has been improved to simplify the user experience
On Wednesday, February 19, TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant company, held an open house in its Earth City, MO office to debut their new state of the art training facility and recognize 2019’s best of the best during our end of year awards celebration. The new facility is intended to serve as a place for bringing associates together at company events and further our training initiatives. During this event, TPS associates were able to take pride in celebrating the achievements of others, as well as continuing to build on our Heart for Service campaign. This new, company-wide campaign, will serve as our underlying motivator as we strive for success both internally and for our clients. Throughout 2020 you will hear more about this initiative so please watch for more information!

How Much Could You Be Saving?

Did you know that a non-credentialed doctor may be missing out on approximately $6,600 a day? Gaining credentials is critical, but how much does it really cost to manage payer enrollments in house? It’s not always as clear as you may think. Discover how our NEW Credentialing ROI Calculator can help save your practice money and eliminate the headaches that often come with the credentialing process.


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