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In what ways has COVID-19 changed how care is delivered and received? There is still much to be seen as physicians try to navigate the new normal, but the pandemic could be a catalyst for lasting change that ushers in a whole new world of healthcare. How will this year’s outcomes bring positive change to the industry going forward?

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5 Coding Challenges That Can Make or Break a Practice
Successfully submitting claims and ultimately earning payment is dependent on one key administrative element – coding. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting patient volumes and keeping telemedicine at the forefront, physicians and their practices are having to quickly navigate claim nuances and unfamiliar codes. Explore the top five medical coding challenges that will ruin your bottom line – and how they can be avoided.

October Webinar


Medicare: What You Need
to Know for Enrollment Success!

Kellie Edwards

October 21, 2020

TPS by the Numbers

Q & A with Denials Expert Tricia Hisserich
How can providers stay ahead of their revenue cycle while managing the day-to-day needs of patients? Tricia Hisserich, Product Manager at TriZetto Provider Solutions, shares her tips and tricks that can help providers seamlessly manage denials to retain revenue.

Q. Why is denials management so critical during COVID-19?
A. Less patients coming through the door means less revenue, so every dollar is critical. With more than 65 percent of denied claims left unresolved, revenue loss can quickly add up.

Q: What steps can providers take today?
A: Mitigating denials up front can see significant improvements. Providers can no longer sit back and ignore your revenue cycle. A practice needs to have an in-depth view of all processes and procedures.

Read the full interview to gain insightful tips that can help your practice stay ahead of denials.