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TriZetto Provider Solutions is committed to managing your telemedicine claims while working to ensure continued high-quality service as we adapt to the current circumstances. We’re a partner you can count on.

The Longest Lead Time: Government Payer Credentialing

Some of the most rigorous applications required for onboarding new providers, maintaining existing providers or adding new practice locations are with government payers. Getting paid for this growing patient population (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and TriWest) is contingent upon the successful completion of laborious applications.

2020 Mid-Year Healthcare Industry Regulatory Outlook

From shutdown orders to regulatory waivers, trillion-dollar federal aid laws, public health guidelines and reopening orders, the COVID-19 emergency has produced thousands of pages of new regulations. With the healthcare industry at the center of many of these changes, understanding these new regulations has never been more important for physician practices in these turbulent times.

Provider Onboarding and Credentialing

Effective provider onboarding and credentialing maintenance is the foundation on which long-term strategic physician integration and revenue goals are achieved. Having an efficient process designed that produces timely results with key issues like credentialing onboarding providers, maintaining current provider credentialing and establishing privileges can result in major improvements in financial return. Learn how to utilize processes and organization to bring a provider into a practice with accuracy and efficiency.

Coding for Telemedicine Services

Medical practices are seeing a change in the rules for telehealth coding. Due to the public health emergency, CMS has changed HIPAA guidance, cost-sharing rules and documentation requirements for new and established patients via telehealth.

Highlight of CPT and CMS Changes for 2020

What’s new in the CPT code books for 2020? This high-level overview will provide a summary of the changes and describe what’s in store for your practice. Coding expert Betsy Nicoletti will dive into CPT codes for online digital management, skin codes for grafting, insertion and removal of drug delivery systems, plus a smattering of new surgical codes.

Preparing for the Proposed E/M Changes in 2021

With CMS proposing a major change to Evaluation & Management coding that allows only Level 2 and Level 5 visits in 2021, how can you prepare your practice for the financial impact? Join our webinar to walk through the impact on several different specialties using historical E&M CPT frequency data.

How to Prepare for ICD-10-CM Changes

Along with autumn weather, October also brings annual diagnosis coding changes. This year, prepare yourself for new codes and updates to the general guidelines before they affect your practice by attending a new webinar from coding expert Betsy Nicoletti.

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