Highlight of CPT and CMS Changes for 2020

What’s new in the CPT code books for 2020? This high-level overview will provide a summary of the changes and describe what’s in store for your practice. Coding expert Betsy Nicoletti will dive into CPT codes for online digital management, skin codes for grafting, insertion and removal of drug delivery systems, plus a smattering of new surgical codes. There are also new codes and policies in store from CMS for Medicare patients. Hear about the burden relief regarding documentation related to PA and NP students and E/M services, new HCPCS code for Principal Care Management, changes to TCM, consent for non-face-to-face services and CMS’s confirmation of 2021 E/M changes.

After this webinar, you will be able to:
  • Identify new codes, if any, that your practice may use • Explain the source documentation for coding changes
  • Assess if your practice can use the online digital management codes or HCPCS Principal Care Management codes
*Have your CPT book handy for this webinar*


About the speaker:
Betsy Nicoletti
, founder of Medical Practice Consulting, is a nationally known expert in coding and reimbursement for medical practices. She is also the author of the Physician Auditing Workbook 3rd edition and The Field Guide to Physician Coding 4th edition, both published by Greenbranch Publishing. She recently founded codingintel.com with the mission of simplifying coding for physicians. In addition to writing and speaking, Betsy educates providers and coders and helps practices comply with government regulations to collect the reimbursement they are entitled to.
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