Touchless Prior Authorizations – Driving Administrative Efficiencies and Improving Continuity of Care

Prior authorization (PA) has long been a burden of the healthcare industry. Many providers and payers still use manual processes to both manage and communicate with each other regarding prior authorization before treatment. That process today is tedious and has the potential to delay patient care. It also has time and cost implications for providers and their office staff.
Imagine a solution with the ability to streamline the authorization process by implementing a real-time, cloud-based prior authorization portal that would automate requests by using payer-specific guidelines and clinical rules. This method could take minutes, rather than weeks, which can help mitigate costs for authorization-related administrative tasks.
Join us for an informational webinar, Touchless Prior Authorizations – Driving Administrative Efficiencies and Improving Continuity of Care," with Cognizant Innovations Director, Nick Bennett, as he guides us through the challenges facing the PA process today and explores transparent automated PA solutions that can drive better outcomes for providers, payers and patients alike.
Learning Objectives:
After this FREE 60 minute webinar you will be able to:
  • Identify the key administrative and financial challenges facing the prior authorization process today and the consequential impact it has on patients and physicians
  • Evaluate the time and cost-savings associated with the manual prior authorization processes versus automated solutions
  • Understand the workflow efficiencies of a touchless, system agnostic PA process and the value it presents to providers and payers

About the speaker:
Nick is a 16-year healthcare veteran who has worked with some of the largest health systems in the U.S., including Seattle Children's Hospital, Stanford Health and Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. With experience in both software and strategic consulting services, Nick brings a broad spectrum of knowledge to help his clients solve complex issues with great outcomes. Nick now manages the Connected Health SGO and TriZetto® Touchless Authorization Processing go-to market strategy for Cognizant.
TriZetto Provider Solutions is a life saver for me because they make my job easier. I use TPS for eligibility checks, claims submission, patient billing, and follow-up collection letters. I would highly recommend them.
Maria Colon MobileLife Support Services
Director of Reimbursement and Customer Service

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