Claim Status Inquiry

Monitor Your Claims with a Single Click.

Go beyond simple claim acceptance and denial. Access up-to-date claim status at any point during the payer adjudication cycle with just a click.

With Claim Status Inquiry from TriZetto Provider Solutions, you can:

  • Save time. Single-click functionality reduces manual processes including the need to call payers for information.
  • View real-time updates. Hundreds of payer connections provide real-time updates on denials, no replies, adjudication dates, payment dates and more.
  • Reduce guesswork. Identify issues early and fix them to help keep revenue expectations on track.

With direct interface with many practice management systems, integration options may be available to you. Integrated solutions allow:
  • Batch processing. Check status on one or many claims. The choice is yours, as is the time you’ll be saving.
  • Real-time processing. Check status on one claim and receive a real-time response in seconds.


Every feature that I use from TriZetto Provider Solutions products I enjoy. The billing software has made my processing easier and the support staff at TPS are always amazing. Thank you for all that you do.

Workers’ Compensation Made Easy - Webinar

Manual processing of workers’ compensation, auto accident, and liability claims is slow, time-consuming, frustrating – and expensive. With strict state and payer mandates, these claims can add significant work to your practice’s daily load. Discover why one workflow can improve your ROI.

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