When the time comes to evaluate your clearinghouse options and a switch is inevitable, you need to know your new clearinghouse partner can pick up where you’ve left off. We know how essential quick onboarding can be when your revenue is in limbo. With 40 years in revenue cycle management, you can trust TriZetto Provider Solutions to manage your claims, remits and other electronic transactions with ease.

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4 Step Setup

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Fast and Efficient Onboarding

We deploy enrollment teams with a dedicated practice management system (PMS) focus to allow for quick and accurate enrollments. Our teams are experienced and specifically trained on all PMS settings to speed up the enrollment process. With our enterprise clearinghouse enrollment portal, we streamline the entire process from start to finish, and our dedicated resources are there to support clients switching clearinghouses.

Commercial Plan Enrollments
  • Commercial plans don’t require enrollment for claims, which means clients can submit claims through TriZetto immediately. This will allow you to get back up and running quickly so you can get claims submitted for reimbursement.
  • Remit/ERA enrollment for commercial plans takes 15-30 days on average. Submit backlogged claims, and by the time they process, your remit enrollment date will be quickly approaching.
Government Plan Enrollments
  • Government plans require enrollment for claims and remits. We average between 3-15 days for claim enrollment, and 5-30 days for remit/ERA enrollment, depending on the government plan.
Data Security

In this day and age, we know data security is a high concern for our clients. That’s why our clients put their trust in an EHNAC and SOC 2 certified partner that puts data protection as a top priority. Learn why nearly half a million providers chose TriZetto Provider Solutions to ensure continuous cash flow and prevent data interruptions.

Cognizant Security Policies and Procedures
Cognizant Security Policies and Procedures

Cognizant is aware that parts of the Change Healthcare network are down due to a cyber incident. Cognizant is not currently aware of the extent of the intrusion or degree to which it has impacted Change Healthcare client data. Per our security protocols Cognizant has disabled connectivity and shut down Cognizant data exchanges with the Change Health network pending further information. Any questions related to client data impact should be directed to Change Healthcare.

Security controls are implemented per Cognizant Security Policies and Procedures and cover the domains of perimeter security, network security, endpoint security, application security and data base security.

All of Cognizant’s policies and standards, procedures are aligned with ISO27001 & NIST Cybersecurity framework.

Cognizant Health Sciences Business Units, including TPS, undergo annual internal risk assessments in addition to various risk assessments performed by third party assessors. Additional vulnerability testing is performed on a weekly basis with additional recurring annual testing events including:

  • Annual Penetration Testing
  • Annual internal Risk Assessment
  • Annual SOC 2 audit
  • HITRUST assessment

Cognizant TPS follows a Secure-SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) which includes ongoing design review and threat modeling in addition to the following scans:

Static Application Security Testing
SAST is a scan performed against the application source code, and identifies coding patterns that are indicative of potential application vulnerabilities.

Dynamic Application Security Testing
DAST is a set of automated tests, performed against a live running environment, that will analyze, map and exercise all of the pages, forms and dialogues that make up the target application.

Open Source
To identify open-source components and downloadable freeware that include required functionality. This may be binary files or source code that has been included in the application.

Penetration Testing
Where a skilled application security Testing Engineer (penetration tester) uses specific tools, utilities and helper applications to “ethically hack” (maliciously gain access to) the deployed application, and identify vulnerabilities.

Disclaimer: Enrollment timelines can vary by practice and state specific payers. The above numbers are our current average enrollment timelines.

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