C2FO provides easy, cost efficient ways for providers of all sizes to access capital early on payments for claim receivables.

Access to capital from your medical payments early to help control your cash flow and grow your practice. Through C2FO, you have the power to control and create flexible options to free up critical working capital through a world-class platform, all supported by a team of professionals focused on simplifying financial management.

In contrast to traditional sources of financing, we offer a suite of solutions on a single platform that’s available to you at any time and integrates across your revenue cycle management tools.

Working with C2FO means no change to your existing network contracts and leverages your revenue cycle clearinghouse to maintain continuity in relationships and streamline administrative overhead.

Why work with C2FO?

  • Get cost-effective access to cash from your claim receivables
  • Have easy access to capital for operational or strategic growth, without the headache of navigating traditional lending
  • Simplify program experience using a world-class platform with support from a dedicated team

In 2021, C2FO averaged


accelerated payment transactions each month

With C2FO, the rates that you’re getting are better than a standard bank, and significantly better than you would get from a factoring company. We had the ability to save the company a tremendous amount of money with the C2FO solution.   

– Mike Carlson, Co-Founder and CEO, CleverMade

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