DocShop Pro

DocShop Pro

DocShop Pro is changing the way private practice medical offices purchase supplies, equipment, services and manage inventory. A one-stop-shop marketplace for all things medical, DocShop Pro offers flat-rate pricing, cross-comparison shopping, and less hassle. From band-aids to digital x-ray machines, there are thousands of products and equipment pieces available and dedicated personal service available to help you find exactly what your practice needs at the best price.

DocShop Pro’s customizable inventory management program can cut down on overspending, streamline multiple location purchasing and provide more transparency to where a practice spends its money. For licensed physicians, DocShop Pro is free to use, free to shop and there are no fine print or surprises.

Find out exactly how much you can save by providing your current supply list and receiving a complimentary cost analysis now at (888) 677-0306 or Visit DocShop Pro for more info!

With DocShop Pro, you can:

  • Benefit from one-stop-shopping for medical supplies and equipment
  • Easily do cross comparison shopping of multiple vendors and distributors
  • Manage inventory simply on PC, table or phone

DocShop Pro clients experience


Average savings on medical supplies & equipment

DocShop Pro has single handedly streamlined efficiencies and costs in our inventory. We have multiple offices and keeping up with which doctors like what in each location, along with what vendor had the best price this week, was putting a strain on staff and the bank account. DocShopPro gets me the best price, has the best customer support, and gets me my supplies quickly. Their platform allows any staff member to order exactly the product that we use, no SKU or special search words needed. Highly recommend.   

– Nicole Baylinson, Practice Administrator