Gain Servicing

Gain provides a service to manage LOP / Personal Injury receivables on behalf of healthcare practices and other revenue cycle management companies so that doctors can focus on treating patients better while maximizing profits. Gain’s LOP Servicing is a package of technology, people and processes that are proven to deliver higher reimbursements, at a lower cost, without impacting referral sources. Gain’s proprietary platform uses machine learning to track LOPs and capture settlement values from tens of thousands of underlying lawsuits. This massive comparative dataset feeds our artificial intelligence (AI) engine which the Gain team uses to optimize the repayments for your LOPs.

With Gain Servicing:

  • You can erase the headache of LOP receivables
  • The provider will make 20-50+% more money
  • Utilize detailed business intelligence reporting to drive decisions

Gain Servicing clients experience

Best in class portal for healthcare providers and law firms to be able to manage LOP servicing.

We partnered with Gain Servicing and my personal injury receivable process is much more streamlined than before. It went from being an operational headache, to a growing and predictable revenue stream. I look forward to increasing my personal injury business with Gain even more moving forward!   


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