iscribe health

iScribeHealth cures physician burnout and allows users to focus on caring for patients rather than the computer screen.

iScribe is an easy-to-use mobile app that gives providers anytime/anywhere access via iPhone or iPad to view and enter clinical information for patients. We leverage industry leading speech-to-text technology to increase provider efficiency. We also offer virtual scribes and transcription services for a complete “hands-off” EHR experience.

No matter the EHR or the provider’s current clinical workflow, iScribe has a solution to make documentation more efficient and mobile.

With iScribe, you can:

  • Implement frictionless document solutions that work with every EHR and provider workflow
  • Consolidate vendors for all you documentation needs
  • Increase clinical efficiencies with proven mobile solutions

Saved per clinic day

iScribe has streamlined the whole operation which allows me to take care of patients. iScribe is absolutely a game-changer.   

– Dr. Brian Sumrall, Pulmonary Associates