OrboGraph is a premier provider of artificial intelligence technologies for electronic/paper automation solutions in healthcare payments. Revenue cycle management companies, service bureaus, clearinghouses, billers, medical lockbox providers, hospitals and healthcare providers leverage OrboGraph’s technologies for EOB data conversion and correspondence letter indexing to streamline payment processing and automate the posting of receivables into practice management systems.

With OrboGraph, you can:

  • Automate paper payment posting through electronification of paper remittance/EOBs/EOPs to ERAs
  • Index and worklist correspondence letters
  • Benefit from clean, accurate data for business intelligence

OrboGraph clients experience


automation for paper payments posting

The benefits we receive from HPAC to our revenue cycle management processes continues to grow everyday as our payment volumes have been converted onto the system. The vision to transform our billing department into a state-of-the-art operation helps us process claims and payments faster while providing improved services to our patients.   

– 455-bed, Acute Care, Not-For-Profit Teaching Hospital

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