While providing complete transparency into completed and outstanding payer enrollment applications, Pulse, a secure HIPAA compliant portal, acts as a single source data repository to safely store all licenses and certifications so that you’ll never lose a document again. With use of our guided flow, you can input all the required credentialing information, step-by-step. Our credentialing experts ensure that your enrollments are seen to completion, and that all follow up work is done swiftly and thoroughly. Automated task notifications and alerts prevent things like ink signatures, updated demographics and re-credentialing dates from falling through the cracks.

With Pulse, you’ll gain:

  • Full transparency into outstanding credentialing applications
  • Single-source data and document repository
  • Easy, guided flows for data collection

Pulse clients experience

Up to


hours saved per week

All of the documents are stored in one portal and we’re kept up to date on the application process. Pulse has made our lives so much easier!   

– AV Critical Care

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