Identify Top Denials and Frequent Underpayments.

TriZetto Provider Solutions® combines a powerful and proprietary analytics solution with a team of specialists who work behind the scenes to identify and appeal the underpayments and incorrectly denied claims impacting your organization.

If you’re already familiar with our eobResolve product, you know that it’s a proven analytics engine that helps you identify denials and underpaid claims so that you can more easily appeal and recover lost revenue.

What makes eobResolve+ different is that instead of tasking your already busy team with the time-consuming task of chasing these underpayments and denials, TriZetto Provider Solutions provides a team of specialists who operate behind the scenes to manage the work on your behalf. Using your data and our software, our team runs your reports, identifies problem areas and submits appeals for you, collecting more recovered revenue.

Your organization is freed to focus on more pressing responsibilities.

I have been a customer of TriZetto Provider Solutions since July 2010 and am happy with the service from each one of the employees that I have been associated with during that time period.
Nancy Jones Jemison Internal Medicine, PC
Jemison, Alabama

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