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A consultative approach. Your clients have high expectations. Whether looking to build efficiencies or expand capabilities, we can help your organization unlock its potential. Through our Strategic Billing Company Program, we design a customized plan of the right products, services and subject matter experts that will help you meet deliverables quicker and exceed goals. Let us help you support every facet of your client’s revenue cycle by allowing your business to offer the best possible service.


With our solutions, you can:

  • Join a consultative partnership and receive tailored solutions
  • Enhance your service portfolio
  • Improve clean claim rates with the right tools
  • Elevate patient satisfaction through price transparency
  • Avoid credentialing, eligibility, coding and technical denials
  • Decrease costs while increasing revenue
U.S. physicians leave approximately

$125 billion

on the table each year due to poor billing practices

Customer service is big for us, so working with a partner like TriZetto Provider Solutions who shares our concerns and understands that our problems are their problems is important.   

– Mike Lewis, Founder & CEO, Quick Med Claims

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Submit fast and accurate claims. Our solutions help clients average a 98% payer acceptance rate.

Optimize your costs. Our services are designed to eliminate the need to hire and manage coders, billers, AR follow-up and cash posting reps.

Transform your patient experience. Meet the shift to healthcare consumerism head on with a seamless financial experience.

Provider credentialing, simplified for billing services. Don’t let a lack of time or knowledge allow a credentialing-related denials to hit your and your client’s bottom line.

Maximize revenue recovery. Monitor every transaction to identify errors and automate the appeal process.

Advance every aspect of your business office. Discover end-to-end RCM solutions powered by intelligent automation, proven methods and experienced professionals.

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