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Rejection & Denials Management

Maximize revenue recovery. Our rejection and denials management solutions efficiently and effectively monitor every transaction to identify errors and automate the appeal process. Designed to boost earnings and remove administrative hassles, our tools help physicians, hospitals and health systems receive accurate payments from payers and make intelligent billing decisions.

With our solutions, you can:

  • Automate the identification of potential professional and institutional denials
  • Streamline recovery with customized appeal documentation submission and payer follow up
  • Optimize operations with key business intelligence and analytics


of denials
are recoverable

We’ve recovered over $350,000 since we started using Advanced Reimbursement Manager. Without the tool, that would have been lost revenue.   

– Beth Butler, American Pathology Partners

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Avoid claim resubmissions. Run claims through extra layers of edits to quickly identify problems and correct errors before they are submitted to payers.

Take the guesswork out of payment accuracy. Our solutions identify denials with clear payer reason codes. Submit customized appeals with just a few clicks.