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Rejection and Denial Prevention

AI powered denial defense. Fitting in with a practice’s claim management workflow, our claim editing solution combines claim scrubbing for coding type denials, a check for eligibility coverage and our machine learning-based denial prediction solution to prevent claim denials before submitting to the payer.

With our solutions, you can:

  • Implement cutting edge technology to improve accuracy and minimize errors
  • Identify potential denials with automated eligibility, coding and machine learning edits to secure proper reimbursement
  • Reduce administrative costs and back-end work through proactive intervention
  • Increase speed-to-payment by submitting cleaner claims.
Claim errors
may drop to


or less*

*Based on client data. Results may vary.

We have been with TriZetto Provider Solutions for well over 10 years. They are a life saver for me because they make my job easier.   

– Maria Colon, Mobile Life Support Services

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An integrated solution that provides real-time edits and improves clean claim rates.

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Streamline the discovery and recovery of denied and underpaid claims by automating manual, tedious processes.