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Patient Payments

TriZetto Provider Solutions’ Patient Payments meets healthcare consumerism head-on by creating digital solutions for quicker, more user-friendly payment experiences as opposed to traditional paper billing. This solution combines payment best practices, an intuitive interface and configurable tools to help balance empathy for patients while achieving desired payment outcomes.

Providing patients with customized payment options, patient-initiated payment plans, and a simplified, easy-to-use platform dynamically shifts the overall framework of patient collections. Patients experience a painless onboarding process, can store payment details for future payments, and can embrace tech-enabled communications including text and emailed statements.

With Patient Payments from TriZetto Provider Solutions your organization can:

  • Decrease collection costs by reducing paper statements
  • Increase speed to payment with digital statement workflows
  • Enrich the patient experience with virtual, self-service options


reduction in paper statement volume by adding digital methods

I absolutely LOVE TriZetto Provider Solutions!! They are the “cream of the crop” in my book. Very well organized. Fantastic training, and superb customer service. Honestly.   

– Missy Frazier, Assistant, Don R. Hopper, OD

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Patient Payments Product Sheet

Provide patients with customized payment options, patient-initiated payment plans, and a simplified, easy-to-use platform.

ProductSheet_Digital Return Mail Processing_23

Minimize returned mail and automate labor-intensive processes.

ProductSheet_Integrated Voice Response_23

Automate transactions for patients who prefer phone calls.