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claim lifecycle

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Claims Processing and Follow Up

Efficient claims management from start to finish. Add value to the claims cycle by improving accuracy while increasing processing speed. With various transmission and claims formats accepted, including professional, institutional, dental, workers compensation, split and more, our solutions seamlessly integrate with various PMS/EHR providers, eliminating ambiguity between providers and payers.

With our solutions, you can:

  • Receive payments quicker
  • Reduce A/R days
  • Decrease administrative expenses
  • Gain increased insight into the revenue cycle
  • Submit claims and corresponding attachments
  • Monitor claim statuses electronically from payers at any point during the adjudication cycle
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TriZetto Provider Solutions has been a valued partner of ours in helping us navigate the clearinghouse industry. TPS’ electronic claims and remittance advice services have been great for us, saving us significant staff time.   

– Michael Lewis, Quick Med Claims

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