Contract Management

Close the gaps between expected and actual reimbursement.

Approximately one out of every 14 healthcare claims is paid inaccurately, according to the 2013 AMA National Health Insurer Report Card. This missing revenue can significantly impact your organization’s bottom line. But spending valuable time uncovering and appealing underpaid and denied healthcare claims can also be expensive.

you can understand the true costs of doing business with a payer and make solid decisions

Our contract management solutions can help you recover lost revenue and reduce administrative hassles. With reimbursement manager, you’ll gain greater transparency into payer performance by monitoring the accuracy of contracted payments. And when it comes time to negotiate payer contracts, we can help you evaluate fee schedules through contract manager, so you can understand how the proposed changes will affect your overall revenue.

Additionally, we can help you recover more underpayments and appeal claims more successfully. Through comprehensive reports and analytics, you can identify trends and take appropriate action to help prevent future issues. We also help automate the appeals process, identifying errors and creating appeal letters so you don’t have to perform these tasks manually.

With the information provided through our contract management solutions, you can understand the true costs of doing business with a payer and make solid decisions that will boost earnings and keep your organization growing.

Contract Management Solution Details:
Appeal Automation
Contract Manager
Trends Identification

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