Action Edits

Run claim edits in real time before submission.

Improve your clean claim rates by correcting errors prior to submission with real time claim edits. This solution within the TriZetto Provider Solutions platform seamlessly integrates with many practice management systems for easy building of claims.

Action Edits includes these key benefits:

  • The ability to identify errors prior to submission to improve clean claims rate
  • Real-time responses
  • Quicker recognition of revenue as more claims are submitted correctly the first time

Notification when action is required allows you to catch and correct errors before they harm your bottom line, leading to faster revenue recognition since there is less need for claim resubmission. With Action Edits™ functionality in play, expect to see claim errors drop to 1% or less.*


*Based on sample data gathered during testing phase. Results may vary.

Just wanted to say that TriZetto Provider Solutions employee Cassie W. was extremely helpful in our EHR conversion process last month. Thank you!

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