Electronic Authorizations

Submit Prior Authorizations and Referrals Faster and More Efficiently.

Electronic Authorizations from TriZetto Provider Solutions streamlines the process of requesting a Health Care Services Review by reducing administrative costs and manual paper-based processing. Providers will seamlessly receive the response by leveraging the HIPAA covered 278.

With Electronic Authorizations, you’ll be able to:
  • Facilitate real-time prior authorizations
  • Fax the certified response directly from the TriZetto Provider Solutions’ portal
  • Save work in progress and resume at a later time
  • Support four request types:
    • Admission certification
    • Home healthcare authorization
    • Specialty care referral
    • Outpatient authorization

Save up to 15 minutes per transaction. Realizing an average overall cost savings of $5.50 per transaction.

If you have connectivity to multiple payers, you will now be able to stay in workflow longer and reduce the amount of time spent manually working with payers.


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Every feature that I use from TriZetto Provider Solutions products I enjoy. The billing software has made my processing easier and the support staff at TPS are always amazing. Thank you for all that you do.

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