Insurance Eligibility Discovery

Collecting payment can be a struggle. For every dollar billed to patients, providers typically collect only 35 cents.

Start discovering coverage with Insurance Eligibility Discovery from TriZetto Provider Solutions®. Users can submit a real-time eligibility request using minimal data and identify a patient’s insurance carrier in a matter of seconds.
 Insurance Eligibility Discovery allows user to:
  • Submit a single real-time eligibility inquiry to multiple payers at once
  • Group your most popular payers to quickly send requests
  • Receive a complete eligibility response back from the payer

Ready to learn how to mitigate your financial risk? To learn more, call us at 800-969-3666 or send an email to one of our self-pay experts.


Additional Patient Access Services

Customer service is big for us, so working with a partner like TriZetto Provider Solutions who shares our concerns and understands that our problems are their problems is important. If we were to go out and develop a new relationship with a different clearinghouse we may not get that.

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We help physicians, hospitals and health systems simplify business processes and get accurate payments quickly. We will always look for new ways to help you improve revenue and increase cash flow. We will stay ahead of regulatory changes so your office will never struggle to keep up. All so you can focus on the one thing that really matters: doing what is best for your patients.

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