Successful billing and payment processes are vital to a healthy bottom line. Put the power of TriZetto Provider Solutions, A Cognizant Company, and eClinicalWorks to work for your practice so you can collect what you’re owed, quickly and accurately.

The powerful integration between eClinicalWorks and TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS) efficiently adds functionality to your practice. Now you can gain deeper insight into the claim lifecycle and take the right steps to improve the overall health of your practice.

The right solution makes all the difference.

Streamline billing processes with the Enhanced Integrated Services Package, a cost-effective way to discover and appeal denied revenue.  

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*Integrated solutions only available through TriZetto Provider Solutions.



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Case Study

Northern Ohio Medical Specialists

A popular regional health system streamlined their RCM with the Enhanced Integrated Services Package.

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Neglected credentialing could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Let TPS professionals handle the process.

White Paper

FQHCs’ Evolution & Focus on the Future

The right RCM solution can help safe-guard revenue for FQHCs and community health centers.


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We help physicians, hospitals and health systems simplify business processes and get accurate payments quickly. We will always look for new ways to help you improve revenue and increase cash flow. We will stay ahead of regulatory changes so your office will never struggle to keep up. All so you can focus on the one thing that really matters: doing what is best for your patients.

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