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Successful growth starts with innovation. Together with Eyefinity, TriZetto Provider Solutions integrates cutting-edge technology and customer focused services with an in-depth industry knowledge. We provide complete revenue cycle management to empower our clients to succeed.

It’s time to experience a new way to manage your revenue cycle.

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Simple solutions make the difference

Reduce claim rejections and denials. Connect with thousands of payers to validate coverage, deductibles, co-pays and more.

Set payment expectations. Improve patient satisfaction with pricing transparency and collect more upfront with point-of-service financial estimates.

Take the guesswork out of payment accuracy. Our solutions identify denials with clear payer reason codes. Submit customized appeals with just a few clicks.

Boost revenue and patient satisfaction. Provide clear, concise explanations of what is owed paired with convenient digital payment options.

Streamline claim submissions. Quickly and accurately transmit professional, institutional, dental, workers compensation claims and more for fast reimbursement.

Avoid claim resubmissions. Run claims through extra layers of edits to quickly identify problems and correct errors before they are submitted to payers.

Reduce tedious manual processes. Our automated solutions can cut administrative time and money spent reconciling remits, checking claim status and converting paper EOBs.

A faster route to enrollment. Streamline the credentialing process and prevent lags in payment due to un-earned or expired credentials.

Revolutionize your revenue cycle. Let our knowledgeable professionals handle critical back office tasks.

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