PulsePortal 101: Q & A with TPS’ Credentialing Experts

Telemedicine visits, remote staff, new codes and changing patient coverage – medical practices have a lot to juggle today.

Telemedicine visits, remote staff, new codes and changing patient coverage – medical practices have a lot to juggle today. What about credentialing? How much effort does your practice plan to devote to enrolling new physicians and maintaining credentials? According to a recent survey, 70 percent of healthcare professionals believe that credentialing will be a focus for their organization, even in the current environment. We are always aiming to utilize new technologies to meet our clients’ needs, so we created Pulse, a secure HIPAA-compliant portal.

To get the latest and greatest information on this exciting new tool, I interviewed our in-house credentialing experts to gain first-hand knowledge about Pulse Portal and its capabilities. Let me introduce you to Vir Lim, Solutions Manager, and Nikki Kerkhoff, Senior Product Manager.

Q: Tell me a little about Pulse? What exactly is it?
A: (Nikki) Pulse is our newly developed enrollment solution that simplifies the credentialing process by creating new efficiencies and streamlined workflows.

Q: Why was a portal needed?
A: (Vir) Let’s be honest, credentialing is not always the favorite activity of healthcare professionals. It has a reputation for being time consuming and cumbersome, so we set out to help with that. We spent years collecting client feedback and after much research, we believe we created a tool that can make it less stressful for all involved.

A: (Nikki) Long story short – to meet our clients’ needs and simplify the sometimes-complicated credentialing process.

Q: What are the main benefits of the portal?
A: (Vir) I would say transparency and efficiency are the top positives. The tool is very intuitive and uses automation to its benefit. There’s an automated data repository to keep tasks and documents from falling through the cracks, for example.

A: (Nikki) Agreed, the complete visibility is one of the best benefits. There’s also scalability and it’s cost effective.

Q: How does Pulse make customers’ lives easier?
A: (Nikki) Building and housing the tool on our own platforms allows us to control the complete end-to-end user experience, which is great because it will give us greater control to tailor the tool or add any necessary edits or advancements. It also fully integrates with our solutions, like Salesforce, for ease of use, which simplifies the user experience by limiting logins. By leveraging our existing technologies, we were able to streamline workflows and make the tool tightly integrated with our CRM.

Q: What customer response have you seen so far?
A: (Vir) The customer response has been great! It’s a pretty new tool so we are always looking for more clients to test it out, so to speak.

Q: What’s coming next and how will the portal evolve?
A: (Nikki) We’re listening to user feedback and plan to update the portal to include autofill capabilities, new templates, e-signatures and enhanced analytics. We realize there may also be some growing pains that we will need to work through, and we are constantly working to decrease turnaround time.

A: (Vir) One of the best things about Pulse is its ability to adapt. This means we’ll be able to quickly make updates to the tool to keep up to date with the industry. I believe we really are true experts in the space and we’re aiming to provide the best experience possible. Overall, I believe this is a great tool for complete credentialing management and I can’t wait for our clients to experience it.

To discover how this tool, combined with our industry expertise, can help you easily conquer every step of the payer enrollment process, click here.