Coding for Telemedicine Services

Medical practices are seeing a change in the rules for telehealth coding. Due to the public health emergency, CMS has changed HIPAA guidance, cost-sharing rules and documentation requirements for new and established patients via telehealth. In addition, there are other payable communication-based technology services – telephone calls, on-line E/M and quick virtual check-in services – that are subject to updates. With all these new regulations, keeping current on the rules is a major task for most medical practices. How can the average medical practice stay ahead of it all?

  • The most recent Medicare updates for telehealth
  • How to select the correct level of service, place of service and modifier
  • What other communications-based technology services can be billed

*This material was recorded on May 13, and reflects current industry practice as of that date. Please consult with an advisor about changes to the rules and regulations, and their application to your organization.

About the Speaker:

Betsy Nicoletti, founder of Medical Practice Consulting, is a nationally known expert in coding and reimbursement for medical practices. She is also the author of the Physician Auditing Workbook 3rd edition and The Field Guide to Physician Coding 4th edition, both published by Greenbranch Publishing. She recently founded with the mission of simplifying coding for physicians. In addition to writing and speaking, Betsy educates providers and coders and helps practices comply with government regulations to collect the reimbursement they are entitled to.