Delegation, Organization and Time Management – Proven Strategies That Advance Your ROI and Enrich Your Practice’s Worth!

As the practice leader, your time management, delegation abilities and organizational efforts are of utmost importance. How can you can create a conscious professionalism with positive principles that invite self-awareness and encourage high performing teams? In our upcoming webinar with Susan Childs, we cover real-life approaches to increase your ROI, improve practice culture and gain authentic employee collaboration. We will explore organizational work-flows and teach attendees when to say “yes” and when it’s OK for you (or your staff) to say “no.” Interviews and recommendations from industry CEOs are threaded throughout this session to help clarify daily priorities and leadership management. Attendees will explore leadership techniques and examples that will help start the first step towards improvement for your entire practice.

After this webinar, you will learn:
•    Applicable time management and delegation strategies to build space and protect your calendar.
•    Successful approaches of communication to authentically engage staff and physicians with proven methods to find the best staff and keep turnover low.
•    Principles to create a conscious professionalism that invites self-awareness and encourage high performance teams.
•    Leadership examples to help advance your practice into a culture of collaborative delivery on care.

About the Speaker:

Susan Childs is the founder of Evolution Healthcare Consulting, a business that helps practices grow by maximizing revenue cycle management and operational efficiencies while enhancing the patient experience. From working in hospital and public accounting in healthcare administration for the past 30 years, she has gained experience spanning operations, personnel role definition, revenue cycle, front desk collections and customer service training. She is a board-certified fellow of the American College of Medical Practice Executives.