Electronic Claims

More Claims Paid in Less Time, With Fewer Rejections.

Send professional, institutional, dental, split and many other claims types quickly and cleanly for the fastest possible reimbursement.

Long-standing partnerships with more than 400 EHRs and practice management systems, and direct connections with thousands of nationwide payers make it possible for us to provide electronic claims service for nearly all of your submissions. And for payers who don’t accept electronic claims, you can submit using our Paperless Paper Claims service.

  • Customized Workflow. Fully customize your own secure homepage to see exactly the tools, information and tasks you are interested in when you log in.
  • Online Claims Correction. Use an intuitive interface to fix all key areas of a claim requiring correction, in real-time.
  • Performance-at-a-Glance. Evaluate your practice’s revenue performance using benchmarks from the industry and other TPS clients.
  • Delivery Confirmation. See key information about all pending and processed claims files, including transmitted files, claims value, acknowledgements and more.
  • Safety Net Reporting. Review all rejected claims, along with total and individual claim value, on one simple screen so you can take action to resolve as soon as possible.
  • User Access Permissions. Control who can access data, and when; adjust data access levels based on teams or individuals as quickly and easily as needed.
  • Rejection Analysis. Easily identify the most common reasons for rejected claims, and the revenue impact to the business.
  • Stable Pricing. Enjoy pricing options such as our 2-year Agreement giving you stable and predictable pricing, and providing longer term financial planning.

More than 250,000 providers across 30,000 healthcare organizations trust our solutions to help them manage their revenue cycle – contact us today and find out how quick and easy it is to start sending claims with TriZetto Provider Solutions.


Every feature that I use from TriZetto Provider Solutions products I enjoy. The billing software has made my processing easier and the support staff at TPS are always amazing. Thank you for all that you do.

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