Electronic Remittance Advice

Eliminate Data Entry and Endless Filing.

Find, analyze, and print EOB information for easy management and payment tracking, while consolidating data from multiple payers into an easy-to-read, customizable and searchable format.

Advantages of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) with TriZetto Provider Solutions:

  • Standardized data. Live ANSI 835 and NSF data from multiple payers is consolidated in a single, customizable and easy-to-read format.
  • Fully searchable. Find, analyze and print EOB information to easily manage and track payments.
  • Manage denials. Identify top reason for denials and correct issues for future claims.
  • Simplified secondary claims. Secondary claims are automatically created and linked – providing you with the latest updates from which to post payments.

Our direct connections to thousands of payers, combined with practice management software integration, makes storing, searching and accessing ERAs easier than ever.


We’ve been with TriZetto Provider Solutions for almost two years now. I appreciate the ease of navigating through the website and its many helpful tools! I look forward to seeing each month if I’ve made The 99 Percent Club and know when I have that I am doing my job well.

Workers’ Compensation Made Easy - Webinar

Manual processing of workers’ compensation, auto accident, and liability claims is slow, time-consuming, frustrating – and expensive. With strict state and payer mandates, these claims can add significant work to your practice’s daily load. Discover why one workflow can improve your ROI.

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