Secondary Claims

Simplify Secondary Claims Processing.

Automatically read your patients’ primary claims, identify supplemental policies and take appropriate action. Our solution manages the electronic submission of secondary claims, which results in less work for you.

  • Secure web environment. Our claims processing environment conforms to industry standards for privacy, security and confidentiality.
  • Extensive payer network. Secondary claims are processed through Medicare, Medicaid, and our extensive payer network.
  • Electronic claims. Secondary claims are filed electronically when possible.
  • Direct data entry. Our system prompts you to correct claims online when key data is missing to ensure there are no delays in processing.

Reduce manual processes, identify errors and streamline your revenue with our automated secondary claims processing environment.


We’ve been with TriZetto Provider Solutions for almost two years now. I appreciate the ease of navigating through the website and its many helpful tools! I look forward to seeing each month if I’ve made The 99 Percent Club and know when I have that I am doing my job well.

Workers’ Compensation Made Easy - Webinar

Manual processing of workers’ compensation, auto accident, and liability claims is slow, time-consuming, frustrating – and expensive. With strict state and payer mandates, these claims can add significant work to your practice’s daily load. Discover why one workflow can improve your ROI.

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