Patient Responsibility Estimation

Set Patient Expectations, Collect Payments Quickly and Provide Transparency.

Quickly obtain patient financial estimates at the point of service to help increase patient revenue, decrease billing costs and improve patient satisfaction through price transparency. Pricer allows you to calculate the expected amount due at checkout using the patients benefit information. Results are immediate, and your staff are equipped with the information they need to collect full payment.

  • Master patient index. Store patient demographics for future use.
  • Faster claim reference. Save common claim scenarios to speed up data entry.
  • Print patient estimates. Create receipts to quickly find payments due from patients.

By providing estimates and collecting at the time of service, TriZetto Provider Solutions can help you manage the impact of increased patient financial responsibility.


The support staff and reporting capabilities have helped our office run more efficiently. Thank you for the customer service and personal attention our office has received from TriZetto.
Jim Radiology Billing
Orem, UT

Strategies to Improve Scheduling and No-Show Management - Webinar

Are your patients constantly complaining that they can't get in to see you? Is every day a desperate attempt simply to hold the wait times down to a "reasonable" amount of time? Are you frustrated with the rising number of patients who fail to show for appointments? Join TriZetto Provider Solutions® and Elizabeth Woodcock to learn new methods for scheduling appointments and managing your appointment no-shows.

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