The Treatment Cost Conversation is Easy with the Right Tools

Discussing payment with patients can be difficult: Providers generally like to keep patient treatment and patient financials separated. But a frank discussion of payment alongside patient care actually can improve the relationship between providers and patients. By working to build these relationships through open, honest communication about pricing prior to treatment, providers can help patients better understand today’s complex healthcare environment.

The first step in the conversation is collecting and analyzing data beforehand. The process of making treatment cost transparent is greatly simplified for providers if they can make effective use of data. Some data are easy to access; some are not. But reliable data are key to build an accurate patient cost estimate.

It’s virtually impossible to provide accurate prices in real time without using digital technology to integrate data and manage the many different pricing variables and delivery channels. Providers that want to stay ahead of patient requests for detailed cost and quality analysis must develop a digital strategy to combine contract management systems, cost estimators, and comparative pricing tools with analytics for large datasets. They also require algorithms and rules engines to automate estimation calculations and the delivery of the results to patient navigators and customer-service employees.

If you’re ready to start the cost conversation with your patients, give us a call (1.800.969.3666) or email us, and we’ll make sure you have the right tools.

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