Hard Work, Commitment: TPS Employees Make RCM Switch Easy

In business and in life we often want to be the best and to be successful. It’s never easy and neither come without hard work, innovation and commitment.

At TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS) we work hard, innovate and remain committed to ensuring our customers get the products they need to make the claims workflow something they don’t need to think about. I can confidently say TPS has one of the best revenue cycle management solutions on the market thanks to the hundreds of dedicated and talented employees who work every day to ensure the solutions are easy to use, can handle complex tasks and receive technological enhancements relevant to providers.
When a provider moves from a competitor to TPS, it’s independent verification and head-to-head proof that every employee who touches our products understands exactly what’s needed to make the provider office workflow successful.

Gastro Florida, the largest gastroenterology group in Tampa Bay, recently switched to TPS from a competitor for these reasons. The billing group likes the fact they no longer have to go from program to program to complete simple tasks: They can take care of everything in one place. They like the fact our system is automated. Both allow Gastro Florida to save time during the claims process and increase revenue flow.

Read the full Gastro Florida case study now to find out why they made the switch to TriZetto Provider Solutions (PDF).
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