Real People: The Bridge Connecting Technology, Service and Business

Today, we expect most everything we do to be digital. We shop online. Pay bills through apps. Use software that’s in the cloud. These service technologies are based on the self-serve, do-it-yourself model.

The thing is, without people behind these solutions, you’re stuck when you have detailed questions, need a little extra help or just want to talk to a real, live person, not a chatbot. That’s where TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS) comes in. We believe in people. Our people are the bridge that connects revenue cycle management technologies, customer service and provider businesses.

Don’t get me wrong: Technology is invaluable to business, especially ours. All of our solutions are built on software and hosted on technology. That’s not going to change. I do, however, believe that we lose a little something when we rely completely on technology and remove human interaction from the customer-service process.

Future State

Futurist Gerd Leonhard, interviewed by Fortune magazine about technology and humans, discussed a Matrix-like vision in which humans might be hard-wired into intelligent computers. (Or maybe it was the other way around.) However it turns out, Leonhard made it clear that—today at least—machines are not humans: Machines don’t have feelings or compassion.

“But now it is becoming clear that those distinctly human things that are not measurable…such as emotions, intuition, beliefs and ethics are what sets us apart from machines,” he said.

We’re getting a bit esoteric here, but I believe TPS succeeds because of our people. Because they do have feelings. Provider businesses could work with a company that automates follow-up, performance improvements and more. But then the onus to make the service work is on the customer.

In an age of digital self-service, like chatbots, phone trees and shopping websites, TPS is investing in both: People and technology.

Real People

We’re building our service delivery and strategy around human experts to assist providers in becoming more efficient and profitable, and serving patients even better than before. We lead the way in digital and technology tools that can be utilized to improve the patient experience. And I believe our people are crucial to the success of the technologies TPS creates and offers to providers.

At TPS, our future centers around experts who assist and serve our partners in the ways they deem necessary to make their business successful.

I believe this viewpoint puts TPS more in sync with the future of RCM and the technology that will support it than if we relied solely on tools and devices. Many people postulate about the future of technology, robots and artificial intelligence and how the convergence of all three may replicate the human experience; the only thing they can say for sure is that they don’t know what will happen or when. Until that time, and, truthfully after it, TPS will continue to rely on our team, using technological support, to provide the most human customer-service experience available.

This comment from futurist Leonhard sums up the human/technology relationship extremely well: “We should embrace technology but not become it, because technology is not what we seek, it's how we seek!”

When we use technology as part of the equation, not the answer, we benefit ourselves, our business and our customers.
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