Managing Industry Challenges in 2016 and Beyond

This year promises to be another challenging one for providers. To help you prepare, we’ve gathered articles from a variety of industry experts who have weighed in on what you can expect in the way of challenges and changes in 2016.

Looking back on this article, we've found many of 2016's challenges remain relevant in 2018: 

  • High deductibles and copays for healthcare plans will result in patients increasing their out-of-pocket spending to pay for healthcare services. Many physicians will collaborate and affiliate with larger entities, such as an independent practice association or an accountable care organization, to manage financial challenges. Read more here

  • Consumers will take more control of their healthcare finances, resulting in healthcare providers making accommodations with consumer-centric tools. In response to increased deductibles, physician offices will move towards user-friendly credit and flexible repayment terms. In addition, patients will receive care closer to home at lower costs because of an increase in medical center acquisitions of community hospitals. Read more here.  

  • The need to move towards value-based care will prompt the use of new technologies that will enhance personalized and precise care to improve clinical outcomes. Read more here.  

  • With the move to value-based care, physicians will join hospitals with effective clinical service, operational capabilities and organizational structure in order to deliver enhanced care for patients. Read more here

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